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Established 2008.“Izzy Gallery is very professional, and i can say this because we deal with galleries all over the world. Toronto’s quite lucky”
– Albert Watson, National Post, November 2012

“Izzy, with you I understood what it was like for Picasso and Matisse and Braque to have the art dealers they had: people who cared as much about the work as they cared about the money, to the point that they often kept the best for themselves. All my life i was hoping to find that dealer, and now i found you.”
– Frank Horvat In Toronto on April 24th, 2017

“Izzy is like a mother bird feeding her young. Endlessly passionate about your work, and at once doting over your welfare. If he could Izzy wouldn’t sell your pictures. He would lock them in a vault and visit them every day for his eyes only. Gladly he is guilt ridden by the thought of denying others the experience! That what makes the Izzy Gallery in Toronto a most welcome reality.”
– Melvin Sokolsky

Izzy Gallery represents the work of established contemporary photographers and iconic modern masters.

Through Izzy’s close collaboration with his artists, the Gallery is able to offer exclusive images in stunning large formats, making Izzy Gallery a formidable presence in the international photography community.

Izzy Gallery exhibitions are renowned for the flair and innovative dynamism of the represented artists, and the calibre and quality of their photos. Each piece is hand selected from the artist’s archives and previously unpublished pieces are found amongst world famous images.



Exclusive Representation in Canada of:

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