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Sante D’Orazio is celebrated throughout the advertising and fashion worlds for his raw yet beautiful images.

With an alluring combination of sex and celebrity D’Orazio’s world and vision is populated by Supermodels,leading Actors and Actresses, Rock Stars and Icons. Through his lens he captures his subjects transforming them into mythological beings, reflective to the zeitgeist of the times.

His career which has spanned over 30 years has seen concurrent themes of eternal youth, naked beauty and rock n’ roll. D’Orazio documents the glamorous life with an up-close- and-personal approach, a signature wink from behind his camera leaves the viewer emerged in his world. D’Orazio’s portfolio is a mixture of informal and posed, an uncensored and provocative trademark.

Since he first shot for Italian Vogue in 1981 D’Orazio’s work has been published in numerous magazines including Andy Warhol’s Interview, Italian, French and British Vogue, Vanity Fair, CR Fashion Book and GQ.

Photographer and Painter D’Orazio has shown in museums and galleries internationally including, Kunisthaus Munich, Kunsthauswien Vienna, LA County Museum, Stellan Holm Gallery (New York), Cameraworks Gallery (Berlin), Hilario Galguera Gallery (Mexico City), NRW Forum (Dusseldorf),a sole artist exhibition at Christie’s New York, Yoshii Gallery New York, CR Girls at Number Five A, New York City, and Schloss Derneburg Museum/Hall Art Foundation.

Publications include, A Private View, Sante D’Orazio Photographs, Pam: American Icon, Katlick School, Gianni and Donatella, Barely Private and Sante D’Orazio Polaroids. His films have been shown at the Venice Film Festival, Tate Modern, Art Basel and during Tribeca Film Festival.


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