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Chris Levine

Chris Levine is a light artist who works across many mediums in pursuit of sensory experience through image and form. Levine’s work considers light not just as a core aspect of art, but of human experience more widely and a spiritual and philosophical edge permeate his work. Levine is perhaps best known for producing what is already being described as one of the most iconic images of the twenty first century, Lightness of Being. With light at its core, the sensational portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II presents an utterly fresh depiction of the most famous woman in the world.


Levine is a pioneer in the field of light art, creating an adapting technology in the pursuit of the widest possible visual sensation. Levine’s practice is differentiated by the cross-fertilization across many fields including music, performance, installation, fashion and design in a multitude of collaborative projects. His exhibition Hypervisual 1.2 completed a tour of 12 countries with the British Council. In 2012 his work featured in the major exhibition, Queen and Image at London’s National Portrait Gallery.


He has artwork in London’s Science Museum and has staged light performances with the MoMA in New York. He has worked with a wide range of collaborators, including the Eden project, Anthony and the Johnsons, Philip Treacy, Massive Attack, Grace Jones, Asprey Jewellers and an ongoing relationship with The Eden Project.

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